Blue Kyanite in matrix with Quartz, Garnet, & Black Mica

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Each piece of blue kyanite in matrix is a unique mixture of kyanite, garnet, black mica, and quartz. A unique stone will be selected for you intuitively. These unique minerals are part of our exclusive rare mineral collection. Gift wrapping is included & we offer FREE Shipping for all U.S. orders!

  • Size: about 4 x 2.5 x 2 cm or 1.5 x 1 x 3/4 inches (size and shape varies)
  • Weight: 20 to 40 grams (weight varies)
  • Stone: Blue Kyanite gneiss with quartz, black mica, and garnet
  • Origin: Karelia, Russia
  • Chakras: All, Root, (1st), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)
  • Energies: Clearing, Inner Vision, 3rd Eye & Light Body Activation

Blue Kyanite assists on a spiritual level with a rapid transfer of energy by clearing and stimulating the third eye as well as a persons psychic abilities.

Garnet is known as a “stone of health” and aids by taking out negative energy from the chakras, and then transmuting it into beneficial energy. These miraculous little stones help to both monitor and adjust the flow of energy needed to balance the energy (around the physical body as well as aligning the emotional and the intellectual bodies).

Black Mica helps one reflect on the positive and negative aspects of situations, with a heart of love. It can help to create a protective environment for releasing unwanted energies.

Quartz is a piezoelectric stone, meaning it has the ability to generate or emit electric current. Quartz is a mineral that can be programmed with intention to resonate with your healing goals. It harmonizes with all other stones, enhances clarity, healing, and promotes a sense of purpose in one's life.

You will receive (1) stone, which will be chosen intuitively. Close-up photography is used in natural sunlight to show detail. The item may appear larger than actual size. Please see size listed for the dimensions. 1" = 25.4 millimeters.