Moldavite Meteorite Phenacite Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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This artisan made Moldavite Meteorite Herkimer Diamond Phenacite Bead Pendant with Necklace set in .925 Sterling Silver is one of a kind. All of our Moldavite Meteorite Jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and information card. We only use genuine natural Moldavite Tektites sourced directly from the Czech Republic. A high quality 18" sterling silver rope chain Necklace is included with the sale as shown.

This very unique large Pendant features two different types of Meteorites (stony - NWA 869 & Iron - Campo Del Cielo), Moldavite Tektite, Double Terminated Herkimer Diamond quartz, and Partially Terminated Burmese Phenacite crystal. It is truly unique piece of Moldavite Jewelry that is out of this world!

  • Pendant Size: 2 3/8 x 3/4 x 3/8"
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Style: Women's, Boho, Intergalactic, Stars & Celestial
  • Stones: Natural Moldavite Tektite Bead, Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Bead, Polished NWA 869 Meteorite Bead, Natural Herkimer Diamond Quartz, & Burmese Phenacite Crystal Bead
  • Chakras: All
  • Energies: Transformation, Clearing, Protection, Inner Vision, Purification, Spiritual Evolution, Multidimensional, Kundalini Activation, Extra Terrestrial Communication, Access Akashic Records

Metaphysical Properties

Moldavite is one of the Synergy 12 Stones for activating the light body and is known as "the stone of transformation". It brings rapid spiritual evolution while ushering in change necessary for alignment to one's path in life. Those sensitive to the high vibration of this stone often experience the "Moldavite Flush" causing a sudden and spontaneous opening of the Heart chakra. Combined with other minerals this unusual green tektite also amplifies the energy of other stones. This green tektite is a very clearing and spiritually protective stone.

Phenacite crystal is also one of the Synergy 12 Stones and is one of the highest vibration crystals on earth. It is excellent for clearing the aura of negative energy. It activates the third eye, crown chakra, and inner-vision capabilities.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystals are excellent energy tools. Clear Herkimers are great at assisting in clearing energetic blockages, and helping to introduce a new clarity to the aura. Herkimers with enhydros (water bubbles) are especially healing for the emotional body. Carbon included Herkimers are excellent for clearing negativity and aid in grounding. These naturally sparkling crystals also work exceptionally well with Moldavite.

Campo Del Cielo Meteorites help activate the Kundalini energy. These "cosmic crystals" are both grounding and activating for the energy body. Nickle-Iron Meteorites provide a balance that aids by anchoring and activating inner visions and spiritual awakenings.

NWA 869 Meteorites assist with ET (extra terrestrial) communication. These silica-based chondrite meteorites or "cosmic crystals" are programmable. Their energy is most attuned to interdimensional communication with beings beyond this physical dimension. Meteorites can be used to balance and align the energy body(s). These are excellent stones to be carried by "walk ins". They aid those with other worldly connections by providing a sense of stability in "new environments".

These Metaphysical Meteorites offer light workers of the new age a unique opportunity to peer the unseen windows that most are not aware of.

About Campo Del Cielo Meteorites

Campo Del Cielo is classified as an Iron, IAB-MG meteorite. It was found In 1576 when the governor of a province in Northern Argentina commissioned the military to search for a huge mass of iron, which he had heard that Natives used for their weapons. The Natives claimed that the mass had fallen from the sky in a place they called Piguem Nonralta which the Spanish translated as Campo del Cielo ("Field of Heaven").

About NWA 869 Meteorites

NWA 869 was found in 2000 / 2001 by meteorite collectors in Northwest Africa where they discovered a large low-iron (L) chondrite strewn field recovering about 2 metric tons of meteorites. North West Africa 869 is classified as a L3-6 meteorite. NWA 869 contain tiny spheres within its matrix called chondrules. Some scientist believe the chondrules were created as a result of plasma storms deep in space.

Type (L) 3 ~ Designates chondrites that are characterized by abundant chondrules, low degrees of aqueous alteration, and unequilibrated mineral assemblages. Many of the low-Ca pyroxene grains are monoclinic and exhibit polysynthetic twinning. The type 3 chondrites may be divided into subtypes ranging from 3.00 (least metamorphosed) to 3.9 (nearly metamorphosed to type 4 levels). If primary igneous glass occurs in the chondrules, it belongs to type 3.

Type (L) 6 ~ Designates chondrites that have been metamorphosed under conditions sufficient to homogenize all mineral compositions, convert all low-Ca pyroxene to orthopyroxene, coarsen secondary phases such as feldspar to sizes ≥50 µm, and obliterate many chondrule outlines; no melting has occurred.