Custom Darwin Glass Moldavite Tektite Pendant

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This artisan made natural Moldavite Pendant with Darwin Glass Tektite crystal set in high quality .925 Sterling Silver is one of a kind. All of our Moldavite Jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We only use genuine natural Moldavite Tektites sourced directly from the Czech Republic.

  • Pendant Size: 1" x 1/4" x 1/4"
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stones: Natural Moldavite 6mm, Natural Darwin Glass Tektite 8mm
  • Chakras: All, Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)
  • Energies: Transformation, Clearing, Protection, Spiritual Evolution, Heart Brain Connection, Grounding

Metaphysical Properties

Moldavite is one of the Synergy 12 Stones for activating the light body and is known as "the stone of transformation". It brings rapid spiritual evolution while ushering in change necessary for alignment to a one's path in life. Those sensitive to the high vibration of this stone often experience the "Moldavite Flush" causing a sudden and spontaneous opening of the Heart chakra. Combined with other minerals, this unusual green tektite, also amplifies the energy of other stones. Darwin Glass tektite's energy is very grounding and is said to bring "accelerated resolution of karmic debts". As a natural form of glass created from a meteorite, Darwin tektites are helpful in completing duties, tasks, and providing a sense of "knowing" in regards to higher learning and spirituality. Tektites have been used for aligning the energy centers of the physical body as well as aiding to balance the nervous system.

About Darwin Glass Tektite

Also known as Darwinite, these rare tektites, are found in a variety of colors ranging from light to dark olive green, brown, white and black. They are found in part of the Tasmanian Island near Mt. Darwin in Queenstown, Australia. These ancient tektites were created approximately 816,000 years ago during a meteorite impact. Much like other kinds of tektites such as Moldavite and Indochinites, Darwinites can be found many feet underground. They are becoming very difficult to find as the location where they are found is now closed to collecting.