And then the World found Moldavite

And then the World found Moldavite

The Moldavite Podcast - Epi: 003

Join us as jewelry artist and business owner Levi Reynolds, aka Levi the Moldavite Guy talks about growing his business Moldavite Life for the last couple of years, with a focus on the intense Moldavite global awakening of 2020 and 2021 that continues to this day.

Since 2016 Levi has been working with Moldavite and creating Moldavite jewelry. Once he found reliable genuine sources of this rare tektite he dove right in and created a business. From the beginning, there have been metaphysical seekers and collectors interested in Moldavite, but all of that came to a surprising expansion towards the end of 2020 into 2021 and continuing today.

2020 and 2021 marked a time of extreme transformation in the world. There was much uncertainty, unfairness, suffering, and change. No one persons story of these times will be the same, and we take a moment to send love to those who have suffered during these extraordinary times. If you are uneasy, may you find peace.

During this time, spending also dramatically shifted to online, as shoppers were not able to go to the physical stores they were used to. As an online store at and moldavitelife on etsy, in the heat of the moldavite trend, Moldavite Life saw unprecedented growth. People of all ages turned deeper into spiritual growth through crystal healing, finding inspiration on Tiktok and social media.

Levi saw many people transforming and letting go of what no longer served them through Moldavite, meteorites & crystals. And Levi did the same personally and in the business. Challenges that have faced many young businesses that experience extreme growth in a short period of time presented themselves to be faced, endured, and overcome. It was not easy, and most big changes aren’t.

Starting the business by himself in 2016, Levi now employs 3 people who also share a love of moldavite and helping others grow. What Levi was passionate about trended overnight, and with a lot of work and kindness he has been able to pivot and create success during challenging times. As life continues to change Moldavite Life is happy to be a part of its customers journeys and the crystal community.

Thank you for listening :)

If you are new to the stone of transformation or simply wanting to learn more then please check out more of the episodes. This podcast explores the metaphysical & scientific aspects of meteorites, tektites, and rare minerals. Life is now in session. Are you present?

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