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About Us

As modern Alchemists we integrate the wisdom of multiple Stone Healing modalities with precisely chosen Stone combinations to create our unique line of energy jewelry. We utilize traditional Chinese Stone Medicine, knowledge of the Chakras, Ayurvedic concepts, and the numerological vibrations to create many one of a kind items. To learn more about the "magic" that makes our jewelry so unique and innovative please see the Metaphysical and About Moldavite pages.

Jewelry for Body and Spirit

There is a saying. "Dreamers are a dime a dozen. Doers change the world" This website was created with a vision to share a special gift of healing with the world. We are truly passionate about creating jewelry that looks as good as it feels. Our goal is to offer the largest selection of natural and faceted Crystal Healing Jewelry online with Moldavite as it's core stone. Why Moldavite you might ask? In short not only is it one of the most amazing of all stone energies on earth but it also amplifies the energy of other stones. By simply wearing jewelry that heals on the energetic level we can all change the world for the better. It all starts when that one special piece calls to you. As spiritual beings we are all collectively living the human experience.

Who are we? We are people just like you. About three years ago Moldavite began to work its magic and cleared the path for this website to become a reality. It is now early 2019 and has just launched. We work with the highest vibration Crystals, Minerals, and Meteorites on the planet. With moldavite at the center of it all we work with these healing energies on a daily basis and love every minute of it! If you are an artist with an absolute passion for creating crystal Jewelry then reach and Contact us. We would love to hear from you.