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    Moldavite Life

    • Making Handcrafted Moldavite Jewelry since 2016
    • Over 16,000 completed orders*
    • 5 star rating for over 10,000 orders in our Etsy store MoldaviteLife*

    In 2016 Moldavite began to work its magic and cleared the path for Levi the Moldavite Guy to start Moldavite Life. That same year he started The Moldavite Podcast. From moldavitelife.com and MoldaviteLife on Etsy, the dream of creating a new website, moldavitejewelry.com, was born. In early 2019 moldavitejewelry.com became a reality. In 2022 Moldavite Life opened its first retail location / Crystal Shop in Asheville, NC. Later that year an event space was added for local spiritual seekers. Gongs were added (and upgraded with crystals) to the event space in 2023 for sound baths and meditations.

    Levi is a creative self-taught jewelry artist pushing the boundaries of what is possible in metaphysical jewelry-making. He loves working with Moldavite and combining this special tektite with other gems, rare crystals, and meteorites.

    Levi Reynolds, aka Levi the Moldavite Guy

    Led by Levi, our small team works with the highest vibration Moldavite, crystals, and meteorites on the planet. The natural stones and faceted gems that we work with are individually selected for quality and beauty. Our crystal healing jewelry is hand crafted in our studio in Asheville, NC, USA.

    We design and create jewelry, build and grow our online store and our Etsy store, and gift wrap and ship packages to customers around the world with love and care. If you'd like to see reviews of our products and service the best place to look right now is our Etsy page, MoldaviteLife.

    With Moldavite at the center of it all, we work with these healing energies on a daily basis and love every minute of it! As the small business grows, we are grateful to reach more and more people who love jewelry, working with crystals, and collecting rare minerals.

    If you are visiting Western North Carolina or live in the area please visit us at our new Crystal Shop located at 81 Weaverville Road Asheville, NC. 28804. Appointments are available weekly for astrology, tarot card, and psychic readings. Our new event space is now open for small groups and presentations for the spiritual community. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to say hi through our Contact page. We would love to hear from you.

    Many blessings,

    Levi, & The Moldavite Life Team

    Moldavite Life, LLC

    Asheville, NC, USA