The Alchemy of Stones in our Innovative Energy Jewelry

  • Crystals and minerals affect the electromagnetic energy that influences the electrochemical aspects of the human body. Stones absorb and / or produce energy related to the vibration or frequencies of light they receive.
  • Moldavite is the cornerstone of our line of high vibration jewelry. We have an affinity for working with other high energy crystals like Phenacite, Super Seven, Danburite, Herkimer Diamonds, and more.
  • In addition to some of the rarest crystals and minerals on earth, we also enjoy working with "cosmic crystal" energy or... Meteorites. We have a growing selection of genuine Meteorite Jewelry.
  • The stone combinations we use are intuitively chosen. At times an extra dash of magic or two may be included with the help of a guide or few. This includes everything from Ancient Chinese Stone Medicine, the Chakras, the Energy Body and so on. By combining this wisdom today's artisans are utilizing their skills as modern Alchemists to create the next level of healing tools.

Placement and Wearing of Moldavite Jewelry

For centuries people have been wearing jewelry with crystals for healing. The use of stone energy when combined with the most beneficial placement enhances the effectiveness of the jewelry being worn.

Necklaces encircle the neck area and can be of any length. A shorter Moldavite Necklace with other Stones or Beads for example would primarily affect the Throat Chakra (6th) or CV-22 for example. Crystals placed around this part of the body would be most beneficial for working on altering a person's perception of the world.

Pendants are typically worn at the center point of the chest. They can be worn at the base of the throat (also as a necklace) or even much lower toward the Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd) area. A Moldavite Pendant worn at the chest region for example would affect the Heart Chakra (4th) or CV-17. Stone energies placed in this area will affect many aspects of the energy body. It is an important area of the body which affects the emotions, energy flow within the body, and regulates Qi.

Rings can be worn on either the Left or Right hand and on any finger. Placement of a ring can be thought of as choosing the polarity region within the body. If the objective was to work on balancing and regulating then wearing a ring on the Thumb would be the best choice. Wearing a Moldavite Ring on the index or middle finger would attract energy required for a situation and / or condition. Rings worn on the fourth and fifth fingers attract the energy of affirmation and acceptance. Rings worn on the little finger, fourth finger, and middle finger will also affect energies associated with emotional conditions.

Earrings are generally worn in the ears. As such they will affect the Third Eye Chakra (6th), the brain area, and possibly the Crown Chakra (7th). Moldavite Earrings worn in the earlobes for example will assist in changing the perception of the world. This placement would assist in "seeing and hearing" things with a new perspective.

Bracelets can stimulate both the "Yin and Yang" aspects of the energy field in the wrist area depending on how they are made. This is in reference to stone placement either on the inside or outside of the wrist. Wearing a Moldavite Bracelet with stones on the outside of the wrist for example would assist with desired energy movement for the area associated with the Sacral Chakra (2nd).

Wearing Jewelry on the Left or Right side of the body will also factor into the effectiveness of the stone energy being utilized. Understanding how energy flows in relation to polarity will determine if a person would most benefit from stone energy on the left or right side of the body. Generally speaking most men are more Yang in energy. Most women are fundamentally more Yin in nature. Why is this important? Women for example would benefit most by wearing a Moldavite Ring or Bracelet on the Right side of the body. Men on the other hand (no pun intended) would benefit most by wearing stone energies on the Left side.

Information and References

  • Love is in the Earth The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia book by: Melody
  • The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach by: Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
  • Stone Medicine A Chinese Medical Guide to Healing With Gems and Minerals by: Leslie J. Franks
  • Pythagoras Numerology is used to calculate and further understand the combined numerical vibration of stone energies used in our line of jewelry.

Medical Disclaimer

The information provided on this website is strictly for educational and "entertainment" purposes only. Please see our Medical Disclaimer page for more info.