About Angel Chime Moldavite

What is an Angel Chime Moldavite?

Incredibly rare, unusual, and highly sought after by collectors are the Angel Chime moldavites. It is estimated that less than 1% of all pieces found are chiming Moldavite. These unique tektites are not another type of moldavite but rather a form of moldavite identified by their very special sound.

Singing moldavite tektites look like other genuine moldavite. Their shape is usually elongated or curved in some way. A majority of them tend to be thin and fairly small. Larger pieces like this one are even rarer.

Their shape does not identify them. How can you tell Angel Chimes from other moldavites? In a short answer... listen to them. Chiming moldavites are uniquely identified by sound. An angelic chime sound can be heard when you gently brush an Angel Chime's surface against another moldavite. The gentle chime is similar to the ring of a coin tossed and settling on a table.

Angel chime moldavites make a distinct sound when lightly dropped on a hard surface from a short distance. (If you try this, carefully drop a piece of moldavite from a very short distance, like 1/2 inch.) The sound Angel Chimes make is different from the sound that regular moldavite tektites make when they are gently dropped or brushed together. 

This special ring sound is caused by inner tension that was created when the Singing Moldavite formed. The internal tension of moldavite tektites can be observed with a polarized light source.

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