Melanite Black Garnet Pendant Sterling Silver #19821

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A raw melanite garnet crystal cluster is set in sterling silver in this unique hand-crafted pendant. These lustrous black crystals are from San Benito County, California USA. Melanite garnets are rare andradite garnets that are black because of their titanium content. These powerful crystals help with love and emotional healing.

  • Pendant Size: 17 x 8 x 9mm
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stones: Natural melanite andradite garnet
  • Chakras: Earthstar (Below the Feet), Root (1st), Heart (4th)
  • Energies: Protection, Spiritual Evolution, Grounding, Creativity

Metaphysical Properties

Melanite garnets are known to help enhance love, whether that love is needed for relationship building or through breakups. Self-love and love for others is improved as negative emotions are cleared to make way for purer more compassionate expression.

Melanite garnets are a rare form of andradite garnet.

Black Andradite Garnets are grounding and great for tapping into the creative life force within one's self through the lower chakras. Garnets are also known as “stones of health." Garnets help by removing negative energy from the chakras and transmuting it into beneficial energy. This miraculous stone helps to both monitor and adjust the flow of energy needed to balance energy (around the physical body as well as aligning the emotional and the intellectual bodies.)

You will receive the exact pendant pictured. Close-up photography is used in natural sunlight to show detail. The item may appear larger than actual size. Please see size listed for the dimensions. 1" = 25.4 millimeters.