Prophecy Stone Pendant Sterling Silver #3588

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This raw Prophecy Stone pendant is unique. The natural crystal was set in sterling silver by an artist in our studio.

  • Pendant Size: 30 x 21 x 20mm, large
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stones: Natural Prophecy Stone, from the Deserts of Libya
  • Chakras: Earth Star (below the feet), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Soul Star (8th)
  • Energies: Grounding, Inner Vision, Protective, Chakra Activation, Prophetic Visions
Metaphysical Properties

Prophecy Stones assist in grounding Spiritual light that comes in through the crown chakra. Meditating with these unusual stones some may have visions of possible futures. Prophecy Stones activate psychic gifts by stimulating the third eye. In the Book of Stones author Robert Simmons said "Prophecy Stones are perhaps the most powerful of all minerals for grounding Light energy into the physical body." These high vibration stones work exceptionally well with Moldavite Tektites and Libyan Desert Glass.

About Prophecy Stones

Prophecy Stones are rare and unusual stones found in the Sahara Desert. Their name comes from the man that discovered them after he had a "prophetic vision" while meditating with one. Prophecy Stones are a Pseudomorph of limonite, hematite after marcasite or pyrite.

You will receive the exact pendant shown. A necklace is not included. Close-up photography is used in natural sunlight to show detail. The item may appear larger than actual size. Please see size listed for the dimensions. 1" = 25.4 millimeters.