Rare Alexandrite Crystal Pendant Silver Sterling

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This artisan made rare Alexandrite crystal Pendant set in Sterling Silver is one of a kind. The natural rough Alexandite crystal featured in this pendant is from Brazil. It does not appear to exhibit color change. A necklace is not included. Quality Men's and Women's Necklaces are also available for sale in the shop.

Alexandrite is rare Green chromian bearing variety of Chrysoberyl that can exhibit a color change in natural and artificial light from green to "amethystine". This is called the Alexandrite effect. Some inclusions found in Alexandrite are mica platelets, apatite, and rutile. Alexandrites are one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

  • Pendant Size: 6mm Square
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stones: Natural Alexandrite Crystal from Brazil
  • Chakras: Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)
  • Energies: Joy, Abundance, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Astral Travel, Access Akashic Records, Past Life Recall

Metaphysical Properties

Alexandrite is a powerful stone for activating the heart chakra and stimulating the intuitive psychic senses. It opens the heart to divine love and assists in connecting heart energy with wisdom from higher dimensions. Alexandrite's energy assists with understanding hidden wisdom through times of difficult emotional experiences. It can also be used to access the Akashic Records and in recalling of past lives.