RHODIZITE Crystal Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver! ~ #700

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This ad is for (1) sterling silver Rhodozite pendant. This mini powerhouse of the mineral kingdom is elegantly set in a high quality 6mm .925 silver setting. A .925 silver necklace is included with the sale of this pendant. You will receive the exact piece shown in this ad.

*** Rhodizite crystals are well know as amplifiers when placed with or near other crystals/stones/minerals. Don't let their super small size fool you! Rhodizite are mini POWERHOUSES! These little crystals are also all about intention. Try to be conscious of your thoughts while working with or carrying your super powerful mini crystal trio!

*** NOTE: The information provided here is for educational and "entertainment" purposes only. If you believe you have any medical condition(s) you should always consult a licensed medical doctor about your condition. The use of Meteorites, Tektites, Crystals, and all forms of alternative/metaphysical healing modalities should not be considered a substitution for "professional" medical advice from a licensed medical doctor. The energetic use of Crystals, Tektites, and Meteorites may not be beneficial for those dealing with mental and/or psychological issues. People with mental health issues may find the energies too stimulating and it is therefore not recommended.